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Meet Chef Halihl

At a young age, Chef Halihl Guy had a passion for food. His African-American ancestry and family southern culture passed on a love for food and cooking.   At family gatherings, Chef Halihl has always been in the kitchen right alongside the elders in the family and is now always the one in the kitchen providing delicious meals for his family and close friends. He loves organizing the menus and making sure everyone is enjoying their meal.

Chef Halihl attended Le Cordon Bleu, a classical French culinary school in San Fransisco. He graduated with a Degree in Culinary Arts in  Spring 2011. 

As a Personal Chef and Caterer for over a decade, Chef Halihl loves creating healthy dishes and recipes for his clients.  His personal commitment to his business and clients is to continue to learn and study the relationship between food, health, and nutrition.

Whether it's an in-home gathering, catering, or a corporate party, his service is sure to satisfy.

Chef Guy's Relatives

Chef Halihl's soul cooking stems from his black heritage and  Influence and his desire to provide exceptional service.  He often says, "I'm about serving others."  As reflected in his family pictures above, his family, like other brown and black people have come to this country and have served.  

Chef Halihl believes that everyone can serve their county by voting.  As a result, the Register To Vote button below has been provided for your convenience.

Black Heritage Cooking and Influence

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